Aff course

The AFF course is the most modern and used way to approach the skydiving activity. It was born in United States at the half of 70's. With an advanced teaching method it allows to reduce the learning time, leaving unaltered the safety factor in the theorical and practical area. The course is divided in two parts:

1° part THEORY

About 7/8 hours of theorical lessons are needed to be done. Days and time are completely custom and must be arranged with the instructor. The theory lessons are done in the Crazy Fly dropzone.

2° part PRACTICE

The practice part of the course is composed by 7 jumps. During first 4 jumps the student will be assisted by 2 instructors, for the remaining 3 jumps just one instructor will follow him. Once the parachute is open, the student will be in touch with the instructor by a radio mounted in the helmet, and will receive all instructions for a safe landing.

All course's jumps are recorded to evaluate, correct and improve the free fall technique of the student. To be able to go to the next level, on each jump the student will have to execute correctly the exericeses expected for the level. After all 7 levels are achieved, the student can jump alone and will receive an according to the law certificate that allows to jump everywhere.

The price of the AFF course is 1700 €, this DOES NOT include the insurance and the medical visit. For whom will proceed with AFF course after the tandem jump, a discount of € 100,00 will be applied.

Ah.... an important rule at Crazy Fly, once the student has passed all 7 levels, he MUST pay beers and chips!!!!!!


Get a medical certificate released by a doctor of the "Federazione Italiana Medici Sportivi". The visit has validity of 2 years for skydivers under 40 years of age, and 1 year above.

Subscribe an insurance that covers a minimum of € 1.300.000 in case of damage.

Tunnel Camp

The wind tunnel is a cylindrical room, where a really strong air flux is emitted, this air allows to fly inside this room, and with the help of an instructor you can learn or improve the skydiving technique in a shorter time.

Tunnel Camp

The wind tunnel is like a gym for skydivers.

The results obtained in the wind tunnel are great.

The wind tunnel is for everyone, not skydivers, beginners skydivers and advanced skydivers.
Before start the AFF course, it helps a lot to learn the correct position.
After the AFF course, it will help you with the exercises that will let you decide the skydiving discipline you will choose.
For advanced skydivers, it will help to prepare for a competition or just to improve faster the skydiving technique.

The wind tunnel is fun.

Info +39 338.6965585 Daniele


For skydivers with a valid license freefly coach jumps are available, one to one or one to many.

The Crazy Fly skydiving center hosts the Benacquista freefly team, 3 times in a row winner of the italian freefly championship.

The Benaquista freefly team is available for freefly coach jumps.

Freefly in Nettuo

RW (Relative Work)

RW, achronim of Relative Work, is a discipline where several skydivers grab arms and legs of others, forming geometrical shapes during the free fall. The purpose of this discipline is to create as more shapes as possible in a predefined time, obatining in this way points for every shape composed.

Skydivers with a valid license can do RW jumps in our dropzone.

Tunnel Camp

For information and prices about all types of coach jumps you can contact us.


In the dropzone is possible to have the reserve packed by certified riggers:
Sala di ripiegamento di 2° livello

Spina Gianfranco +39 334.9651491 and Susanna Censi +39 328.7431811.


  Foreigner Skydivers
To jump in our dropzone, it is needed an insurance with a coverage of at least € 1.300.000

  AAD required
In our dropzone the AAD is mandatory.

We are open every weekend and high days. Exclusively in the summer, on July and August we are open even during working days if booked in advance with a minimum number of tandem participant of six.

  Where we are
The dropzone is located in Nettuno, Via delle Grugnole snc

The price of the tandem ALL INCLUSIVE (member fee, jump, video editing and pictures) is euro 250,00.

  How to book
the day you want jump
online or by phone
the day of the jump on location